Auguste Rodin: The Human Experience | Selections from the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Collections (2017)

Auguste Rodin: The Human Experience, Selections from the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Collections offers the rare opportunity to experience a comprehensive selection of the work of Auguste Rodin (1840‒1917). This show examines the eminent French sculptor’s fascination with the human figure and his lifelong effort to breathe life into bronze. The 33 works in the show—including the iconic Meditation (with Arms), Mask of the Man with the Broken Nose, The Hand of God, Torso of the Walking Man, and The Thinker—reveal Rodin to be an artist deeply interested in sensuality, fascinated by human psychology, and obsessed with the body in motion. 

This exhibition is presented on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Rodin's death in 1917. Telfair is collaborating with colleagues from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Met, National Gallery, Cantor Foundation, Portland Museum, Flint Museum, the Barnes Foundation, and the Rodin Museum in Paris to celebrate "The Year of Rodin" with a series of programs in cities around the world, including a Rodin symposium in Europe in March 2017. Additionally, Telfair is pairing this exhibition with a contemporary project on beloved curator Kirk Varnedoe, who was a scholar of Rodin drawings. 

Dürer TO WHISTLER: Prints from the Collection (2015)

Carefully stored away and sheltered from damaging light, Telfair Museums holds a treasure trove of fine prints by some of the most widely known artists in all of Western art history. This exceptional exhibit included original etchings, lithographs and wood engravings on paper by Rembrandt, Cezanne, Degas, Renoir, Goya, and others. It also features American printmakers, such as Whistler and Bellows, and a special selection focused on the South. The exhibit includes one of the most recognizable images in the world, Adam and Eve, by Albrecht Dürer.

The Art of Diplomacy: Winston Churchill and the Pursuit of Painting (2015)

Telfair Museums, in partnership with the Georgia Historical Society and Millennium Gate Museum, presents this landmark exhibition featuring paintings by Winston Churchill, as well as photographs, letters, and personal belongings on loan from members of his family. The exhibition explores the relationship between Churchill’s strategic decision-making and his evolving practice as an artist. Beyond what he called a “joyride in a paint-box,” he saw painting as a testing ground for such leadership strengths as audacity, humility, foresight, and strength of memory.

Offering of the Angels: Paintings and Tapestries from the Uffizi Gallery (2012)

This exhibition of Italian masterworks from the Renaissance through the Baroque period is drawn from the permanent collection of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, one of the world’s greatest art museums. Offering of the Angels, comprised primarily of recently restored works drawn exclusively from the Uffizi collection, provides a rare opportunity to view exquisite paintings and tapestries by many of the greatest artists of the Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque periods of Italian art, including Botticelli, Titian, Il Parmigianino, Tintoretto, Lorenzo Monaco, and Guercino. Telfair Museums is one of four venues on the exclusive U.S. tour.